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You want this event to be
truly unique to you?

Noce de Rêve advises you and
accompanies you to make your dreams come true!


Our role as a wedding planner or “wedding planner” is to guide you in your choices, advise you and assist you in the full or partial organization of your wedding. This is the reason why we have several wedding planning formulas to offer you. Room, caterer, DJ, musician, photographer, announcement, secular ceremonial officiant

Our large network of quality service providers allows us to organize a unique wedding for you.

The spirit of Noce de Rêve is to design a tailor-made event for you while respecting your choices, your tastes and your budget.

We are at your disposal throughout the preparation of the “happiest day of your life” so that this moment is the one you dreamed of for you, for her, for him and for your guests.

Benefit from our know-how and our passion
for the organization of your wedding.


Organization from A to Z

An organization of your wedding from A to Z until the coordination of the big day

The “Prestige” formula is our most complete wedding planning formula. It is aimed at the bride and groom who wish to benefit from a total and tailor-made organization, without the worries of long and stressful planning.


After a first meeting with one of our wedding planners to define your expectations, we suggest, organize and coordinate your wedding.

You relieve yourself of all the constraints and enjoy a wedding in your image!

from 4,200 € incl. tax (agency fees)

The “Escape” formula: the organization of your wedding abroad.

And why not combine a wedding and a honeymoon in the same event?

Whether it’s your feet in the water or on the other side of the world, weddings abroad are an opportunity to say YES to yourself in an extraordinary setting and to create a unique memory for you and your guests.

We are committed to meeting your desires and creating a wedding abroad as you imagine.


From finding the location to coordinating the D-Day according to your needs, our team will assist you, so that you make the most of this exceptional day.

Whether it is for a one-to-one Elopement or a wedding with your loved ones, we will surround ourselves with professionals who will make your wedding unforgettable.

You just have to choose your dream destination and say YES!


Wedding abroad

From 990 € incl. tax (agency fees)

Present time

D-Day coordination

The organization of your wedding is important to you but you would like to be accompanied for the final stretch.

The “Instant Present” formula is our D-Day coordination formula. It is aimed at future newlyweds who wish to organize their wedding on their own but who wish to benefit from the expertise of professionals over the last months and the presence of a wedding planner for your lovely day.


After a first meeting with one of our wedding planners to define your expectations and needs, we check your retro-planning, prepare the D-Day process with you and coordinate the providers chosen on your wedding day.

You relieve yourself of all logistical constraints and make the most of your Big Day!

from 1290€ incl. tax (agency fees)

You are happy to organize your wedding, you want to get involved but you lack a service provider, so the “A la carte” formula will suit you.

An original desire,
a particular need,
the lack of time to do your research for providers …

All these reasons direct you towards our “A la carte” formula.

And why not delegate part of the organization of your wedding by entrusting the search for providers to a wedding planner?


Indeed, our wide choice of partners will allow you to keep control of the preparation of your Big Day while benefiting from the advice of a pro!
From finding the place, the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, the decorator, while going through the jeweler for alliances, we will share with you our knowledge according to the specifications provided.

So do not wait any longer. You just have to choose from our partner providers!

Do it yourself

Providers Selection

Location search fees: 500€ incl. tax
Fees for other research: 10% of the service provider’s estimate.

Do It Yourself

Online accompaniment

Formula in progress

The organization of your marriage proposal until the Big “YES”.

Do you want to ask her for her hand without the constraint of complicated logistics to keep secret? The formula “Tell me YES” is the answer to your needs.

Trust us with your project ! Together, we will design a scenario in the image of your other half’s dreams so that this moment remains an unforgettable memory forever.

You can either choose from one of our different formulas, or let us know what you want and we will be happy to design a tailor-made marriage proposal with you.

So for this day to count, rely on us and our discretion for a big YES from him!

Tell me YES !


Dream ceremony

Organization of
secular ceremony

The organization of a secular wedding ceremony with the formula”Cérémonie de Rêve”.

Do you dream of a secular wedding in your image? For over 10 years, we have been organizing and celebrating personalized symbolic ceremonies. Without legal or religious value, a secular ceremony will allow you to unite in front of your loved ones and share with them moments of emotion, benevolence and humor.

Visit or website Cérémonie de Rêve to know more about our services and ceremonial officiant.


This ceremony is for you if:

You dream of an outdoor wedding
You cannot access religious ceremonies (divorced, homosexuals, of different religions …)
You are atheists or little practicing believers and do not wish to unite religiously
You want a personalized ceremony, in your image!

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