Celebrate your wedding anniversary

“à la française” !

You just realized it’s been 10 years you’re married to your loved one, and you have no idea which gift to offer her/him for your wedding anniversary ?

Because your wedding is an unforgettable memory, you shouldn’t forget to thank your partner for sharing her/his life with you everyday. Each wedding anniversary is a way to reminds this beautiful day, several years ago, but also to spend a good time just the two of you !

For this special occasion, why don’t you offer her/him a journey in the most romantic country of the world ? As it is in the French culture, discover to what gift correspond your wedding anniversary !

Anniversaires de mariage

Do you need more ideas ? Here are some examples of wedding anniversary gifts you could offer to your lover…

  • Cotton : It’s been one year since you got married ? Cottons flowers could be a great idea for her, and for him why not a 100% cotton sweater ?
  • Leather : A cute idea for both of you would be a leather bracelet with your wedding date and your first letter names engraved, but you can stay more classical, a leather wallet or purse is also a great gift.
  • Wheat : For your 3rd wedding anniversary, escape in the countryside to enjoy the calmness of the nature, and why not to have a romantic picnic there ?
  • Wax : Romantic restaurant or cute dinner at home, do not forget to light up candles !
  • Wood : You can find so many small artists that could sculpt a pretty little representation of the two of you or any symbol that means a lot to both of you…
  • Pewter : After ten years, it becomes difficult to find ideas… The best idea remains to plan a wedding renewal ceremony ! Flovinno can organize your journey in France to remind you the best day of your life as it was yesterday !
  • Porcelain : It’s time to renew your dishes ! But if you don’t need to, you can simply offer your partner a pretty decorative object made in Porcelain…
  • Pearl : After 30 years, your wife deserves a beautiful pearl necklace, doesn’t she ? And for your husband, a dozen of oysters would be a pleasure for sure !
  • Emerald : The emerald is a green precious stone. You can offer him or her a jewel with emerald inside !
  • Gold : 50 years of love is very symbolic in France. You can plan a journey in France to renew your wedding vows, or a cruise… But of course a golden jewel would be a great surprise too.
  • Diamond : The diamond represents eternal love. A diamond ring could be a good idea for her !
  • Platinum : Enjoy an intimate day at the spa, or a romantic dinner in a chic restaurant…

Now that you have lots of ideas, please contact us, and we will help you to organize your wedding anniversary !