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Steampunk wedding

Break the codes of marriage!

What is a Steampunk wedding?

This universe has started to emerge for some time … For us it is an artistic movement combining 19th century inventions, such as steam engines, with the extravagance of the imagination focused on the vision of the future with a touch of science fiction. We will dissect the word by steam = steam and punk = crazy.

Some artists illustrate this theme well, like Jules Verne in his time with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or Tim Burton with his fantastic and offbeat films. Director Barry Sonnenfeld, in his film Wild Wild West, combines the world of the Wild West with that of the Victorian era and science fiction fabulously. The 19th century symbols stated just before are clearly representative of a steampunk theme.

If this theme appeals to you, let your imagination run wild. For the place, opt for a place out of time where the predominance of raw materials will not be a problem: metals of all kinds, wood, stones …

Decorative elements placed here and there: gears, light bulbs, but also lace, leather, old books, old objects will bring the Steampunk touch … China and you will get the decoration mixing the fantasy of your mind with the reality of our past.

Regarding the outfits, a trip back in time is recommended. The dresses of the Victorian era will be a basis for your reflection and for you gentlemen, cane and top hat are not to be excluded. And if you are ready for a day with new technologies on the side, opt for a pocket watch …

If your child’s soul pushes you towards an original marriage then contact us to make your childhood dreams come true.