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Elise & Julien

Crazy Love

Paris area


90 guests

Before talking to you about romantic wedding.

in Ile de France of Elise and Julien, we are going to describe the marriage proposal to you …

First of all, let’s set the scene: a hike on Reunion Island, a young couple tired by an exhausting walk and there at the bend of a path a magnificent lake. It is the ideal place for Julien, a romantic setting, exotic vegetation for an unforgettable moment! Elise was not expecting it at all, the surprise was perfect.

On their return, preparations will begin. Accompanied by Florence, director of the agency, Elise and Julien will imagine their romantic wedding in Ile de France. Step by step, the trio will turn the young couple’s dream into reality.

"Parme" Bouquet
Noce de Rêve by FLOVINNO
exchange of alliances

From the research of the place, through tastings with the caterer, the choice of the photographer without forgetting the stylist, the tailor, the decorator, the gospel group for the secular ceremony… Nothing is forgotten. It is a romantic theme with a touch of exoticism that they have chosen in memory of this delicious marriage proposal.


Our couple Elise and Julien

Thank you to Florence for being there during this adventure which has lasted over a year. Without you things wouldn’t have gone so well during this wonderful weekend. You supported us, our ideas and our whims and you knew how to do the best to ensure that it was at the top with your team.
Thanks to your listening and your wise advice we spent us and all our guests fabulous moments with as much emotion as wonder. You knew how to be available for us almost 24 hours by helping us to choose according to our tastes and your knowledge.
Without forgetting that on D-Day, you and your team took great care of us.

You have made this day an unforgettable and magical day.
We can’t thank you enough for all of this.

Elise & Julien