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Romantic wedding

A sweet and romantic wedding

Romanticism is a timeless trend that has been approved for years by future bride and groom, for its softness, tenderness, chic and elegance …. So why not opt for a romantic wedding?

This theme has the advantage of being able to be declined in different ways. Indeed, this romantic wedding theme can lean towards the country or, on the contrary, the city-dweller, retro, fairy-like or modern … It is therefore important to clearly define what you want as a specificity of “romanticism” before all the preparations.

In addition, do not neglect the lighting of your room. Subdued light will give an intimate atmosphere in accordance with the codes of romanticism.

The romantic wedding decoration is characterized by pastel shades of pink, mint green, yellow, blue, gold or purple which are used for flowers and accessories. All these elements will create a light and poetic atmosphere.

Also opt for decorative elements such as curtains which will give a poetic aspect to your reception room. All of these should of course stay within the pastel color range you have selected.

Obviously, a romantic theme cannot be improvised, to be accompanied in the scenographic design and in the organization of your wedding, leave us the planning of your big day, we will bring the touch of chic and elegance to your wedding project.