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Provencal wedding

Provence hides its mysteries behind their evidence (Jean Giono)

A Provence theme for your wedding attracts you?

Do you want to get married by evoking the beautiful region of Provence? Its traditions, its lavender fields, the song of the cicadas, the soft rays of the sun … so don’t wait any longer.

And if you have the chance to travel to get married, this wonderful region will seduce you as soon as you arrive, there is a sweetness of life and a scent of holidays. What better way to unite than to bring your loved ones together in this beautiful atmosphere?

To help you organize your wedding on this theme, entrust us with your project! We will be delighted to assist you in the organization of your beautiful day.

Indeed, together, we will do everything to make your Provence theme a success and to make your dream come true.

Lavender, this flower as small as a grain of rice … Who has never crushed a lavender flower between his fingers to extract this sweet scent? Moreover, this little flower was able to replace rice at the end of the ceremonies! Ultimately, lavender has gradually become THE alternative to rice, while perfuming the hands of those celebrating the newly married couple.

The olive tree: the symbols relating to these hundred-year-old trees are numerous. The olive trees line the perimeter of the Mediterranean and each region they honor with their presence pays homage to them. Offer vials of olive oil, as guest gifts, they will decorate tables wonderfully and delight the palates of the most greedy.

Finally, the cicadas, their song so intoxicating with the sun, will captivate your guests with their sweet melody …

By choosing the theme of Provence for your wedding, you guarantee a good mood and a warm atmosphere!