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Yasmine & Frankie


French Riviera

Exotic theme

150 guests

Although living in Los Angeles, Yasmine and Frankie wanted to have their wedding on the French Riviera.
This mixed couple wanted to unite in Yasmine’s birthplace: Villefranche sur Mer.

Indeed, it is therefore quite natural that Yasmine and Frankie brought their guests from all over the world for their outdoor ceremony in front of the sea.

Noce de Rêve by Flovinno
Noce de Rêve by FLOVINNO
Noce de Rêve by Flovinno

For this unique day, Yasmine and Frankie have chosen an exotic theme for their wedding.

Consequently, we thus imagined with them a whole universe answering their desire of a marriage on the French Riviera with this topic. Indeed, the card making, the decoration of the secular ceremony, the centerpieces, the buffets, everything has been thought out in line with the requested theme.


Yasmine et Franckie Noce de Rêve by Flovinno

My husband and I both live in Los Angeles. But, we wanted to have a wedding on the French Riviera because that’s where I’m from originally. We didnt know how to start looking for a venue, catering or anything and we got lucky to found Morgane from Noce de Rêve.

We worked with her for the whole year planning the wedding. From finding the venue to the actual event day, she was with us all the way. She helped us finding all the vendors, negociated the prices for us and was facilitating the communication between the vendors and us.

Her help made the whole experience smooth and enjoyable. Especially during the wedding day. Her and her team arrives early and make sure every vendor is ready and everything looks spotless.

I would recommend using Noce de Rêve to plan your wedding a million times!

Yasmine et Frankie